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Higher user sophistication and shifting industry economics are forcing IT services vendors to ramp up their low-cost remote delivery capabilities. This is part of a broader shift to a more distributed, process-centric, low-cost global delivery model (GDM).

The key differentiator between OneAPPS and others is in the delivery of fast, flexible, and seamless technology solutions. Our Global delivery capabilities provide pure capacity and 24/7 Development & support, which reduces cost and improves speed to market.

Our Global Delivery approach comprises of Onsite teams, Offshore development units, Near shore teams or a combination of all these delivering projects in a seamless fashion across global locations. These teams are backed by a solid framework that includes OneAPPS Management, Delivery Heads, Business Managers, Line managers both onsite/offsite, Technical & Functional Consultants the Quality Assurance Group and the IT Infrastructure Groups.

The Global Delivery Model @ OneAPPS enables us to provide our customers with a best class solution in terms of resource, expertise and optimum costs. It leverages our resources, global knowledge & expertise and a group wide process framework to the maximum to ensure an optimum allocation of resources with the lowest TCO. While low costs are the immediate and the most obvious result, Global Delivery Model of OneAPPS helps clients realize benefits in areas of high process excellence, consistent communication, & complete control over the project.

Benefits of a Global Delivery Model?
Global sourcing permits access to skills, quality, cost, and time to value benefits that may be unattainable in local regions

  • delivers the benefits of service productization in low-cost locations and the shift to more automated, efficient and repeatable service delivery

  • meet the country demand to leverage global arbitrage opportunities and to close the gap between local demand and supply capabilities

  • increase customer satisfaction via ability to focus on-site skills to address customer pain points and add value

Consistency -> Proven methodologies & Best Practice = Reduced risk
Efficiency -> Reduced implementation time = increased speed to value
Reusability -> Reduce cost = lower ICO /TCO Increased ROI