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The implementation of an ORACLE Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a major undertaking for any organization. In almost all cases, it leads to the redesign of business processes, resulting in significant changes to your business control environment.

Organizations face numerous challenges in adapting their Oracle E-Business applications to fast-changing business requirements. But they also need to take into account key factors associated with their implementation, upgrade and maintenance.

Such organizations can benefit greatly from independent, impartial, expert advice delivered quickly and cost effectively. 

OneAPPS experts can assist you in determining how to get the most from your Oracle investment. OneAPPS will use a detailed and proven audit approach to examine your current system, review methodologies and make recommendations for improved ROI.

An ERP Health Check is an important first step to identify how much of your ERP systems are being leveraged and assess where additional value can be gained.

The study provides an understanding of:

  • The current implementation and its level of customization

  • The impact an upgrade would have on the present baseline

  • The upgrade strategies that are possible and their potential benefits and drawbacks

  • It concludes with a recommendation, outlining the best approach and the associated estimated costs and timescales, bearing in mind the alternatives, and taking into account the current state of implementation.


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