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As a CEO/CTO/Manager you may ask yourself "why would I want to outsource the administration of my IT Infrastructure?" A better question would be "why wouldn't you?" IT Infrastructure and Data Center management today is faced with demands that are difficult to meet. Besides these demands, budget limitations push organizations to compromise on areas of operations against their better judgment. Some areas simply cannot be compromised even with budget pressures. For example, production systems need 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, to be designed for the business, 100% availability, and certainly reactive real-time responses.

To help you achieve measurably faster, better and more sustainable results by consolidating IT Infrastructure through our Infrastructure Management Services. Our strong support Processes and policies ensures the client the peace of mind and stability.

Options under infrastructure management are listed below. A customer can choose any of the service or a combination of the service or can ask OneAPPS to manage his entire IT infrastructure.

Network Management
Server and Operating System management
Desktop Support
Oracle & UNIX Consulting