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Components from OneAPPS component factory as well as components of .NET framework are used based on functionality requirement of application in development of .NET applications.

ADO.NET for database access, .NET remoting for distributed programming, .NET Security for access level security, ASP.NET for web application development and windows forms in smart client applications.

Comprehensive set of classes, interfaces and guidelines of .NET framework are used for extending the functionality of the framework itself. For example: creation of a new ADO.NET provider, creation of a new transport for .NET Remoting, or a new formatter for .NET Remoting.

OneAPPS also helps our clients in converting hosted applications in ASP, PHP, and JSP etc. to .NET platform using ASP.NET. ASP.NET allows our clients to build powerful, reliable, and scalable distributed applications.

OneAPPS has team of experienced Microsoft certified software architects, developers, consultants as part of OneAPPS .NET competency team. OneAPPS also provides consulting in developing custom enterprise applications development based on .NET framework.

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