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OneAPPS can help you maximize your EAI investments to:

  • Reduce future system integration costs - New systems can be added without the need for any dramatic re-development
  • Decreased operating costs and lower risk thus reducing corporate costs -  Scalable integration solutions require less maintenance and have a longer life span and a lower cost of ownership
  • Data integrity - consolidated, consistent views of data, Supports business priorities
  • Effective communication between businesses - It is critical for businesses to be able to communicate with all stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers, partners and shareholders.
  • Unlocks value - from existing systems through real-time information exchange and automation of business processes.
  • Process automation thus bringing visibility and efficiency - Reducing system latency and manual errors

To further facilitate EAI, our Enterprise Application Integration practice includes and compliments our expertise in legacy migration and modernization and systems integration and Web services.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
OneAPPS EAI Solution framework
EAI Implementation Methodology