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Every project is assigned to a Quality Coordinator from the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Group, who ensures every project adheres to its Quality Plan, which is approved by the Head of Practice. The verification and validation activities throughout all stages of the project ensure that quality is built into the project. Deviations from plans and product reviews are redirected in a timely manner or escalated to Senior Management. The SQA Group also provides valuable feedback to the SEPG and Senior Management on the implementation aspects of the QMS and thus helps ONEAPPS in its quest for continuous improvement.

Customer Involvement at ALL Stages

OneAPPS recommends a single point of contact at the customer end, and an Onsite Coordinator from OneAPPS, if there is more than one ongoing project where OneAPPS has to communicate with more than one person. Communication is done through teleconferencing (either weekly or as needed), e-mail or videoconferencing. Customer feedback is sought for every release and after final acceptance. Customer complaints, if any, are handled with sensitivity and speed to the satisfaction of the customer. Periodic customer satisfaction surveys are also conducted and customers are briefed on any corrective actions taken by the management and the project team. This helps OneAPPS in building mutual confidence, long-term association and a loyal customer base and enhances the value to the customer.

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Quality Milestones

Improvement is a continuous journey and the strategy was to follow the benchmarks in Quality and also implementing the CMMI framework and best practices. In this context, the improvement effort has begun by creating a Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) at OneAPPS.
Our SEPG team's major focus was to achieve SEI CMM Level 3 to reach our First Mile stone.


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