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People, Process & Technology, itís the right combination of all three elements that make us extremely successful: Adding to this the client satisfaction catalyses the desire to achieve more in terms of Quality Management and at OneAPPS.


To be the best you need the best people. Vero Test understands that our key differentiator is the quality of our staff. We work hard to attract and hold the best Analysts, Testers, Project Managers, Test Engineers and Quality Consultants.

As a company built by consultants and contractors, we actively support our staff as they support your organization achieve its goals.


Our multiple result oriented process models address specific customer and project needs and span Domain Service, Implementation, Maintenance, Testing, Conversion and Development process models.

OnePeople is our collaboration initiative which connects People, Process & Technology @OneAPPS. OnePeople currently is as process driven collaborative intranet environment which manages our CRM, Support Process, Customer Online Portal, knowledge Management initiative, Content Services, Mail services, Projects, Tasks and Much more.


Our technology skills, capacity to deliver results and collaborative approach are key assets that help our clients achieve success. Every OneAPPSian is equipped and upgraded with latest best breed of technology by the way of our Knowledge Management processes which helps us to beat the competition and deliver multiple values to our customers.

What it means for you

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Improved schedule and budget predictability - Lower effort and schedule overruns (91% projects completed on schedule as opposed to an industry average of 55%)
  • Improved cycle time
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality (as measured by defects)
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased return on investment
  • Better control of products and processes
  • Better project risk management

Quality @ OneAPPS
Quality Management @ OneAPPS